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Theia S1: Enhanced with a Powerful Upgrade of Functionality

Theia S1, a video production system that integrates functions such as video capture, directorial switching, live streaming, subtitle addition, transition effects, virtual imaging, audio mixing, and video storage into one unit,currently is upgraded to a powerful functionality version.

1. Video network input supports NDI and streams (RTP/UDP/SRT/HLS).

2. The SRT protocol supports listener mode.

3. Korean/Japanese input methods are supported.


Theia S1 showcases cross-regional connectivity for live streaming, along with facilitating access to network stream decoding. It seamlessly integrates HDMI signal sources, NDI signal sources, DDR local videos, and network videos, offering a versatile mix of these four resource types.

Acknowledging the significance of accessibility for a global audience, Theia S1 has now incorporated Korean and Japanese input methods. This enhancement enables users to intuitively create and administer content in their preferred language, thereby fostering a more tailored and immersive experience for your viewers.

Theia S1 is compatible with a wide range of NDI camera brands and models, including JVC, Minrray, Zowietek, and more. This ensures seamless integration with your existing camera setup, optimizing performance while saving your time and money on additional hardware.

Theia S1 can be used in various video live streaming, effortlessly handling tasks such as multi-camera switching, chroma keying, and adding transition effects. From e-commerce live streams to outdoor events, educational webinars, and small-scale concerts, Theia S1 offers the flexibility and power you need to create engaging content for your audience.

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