News  |  Thena A1 will be Showcased at 2024 Embedded World: A Leap Forward in Video AI and Edge Computing
Thena A1 will be Showcased at 2024 Embedded World: A Leap Forward in Video AI and Edge Computing

Thena A1 will be showcased at 2024 Embedded World by Hailo, which is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence solutions that drive efficiency and growth across various industries. Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2024 will be held at Nürnberg, Germany Apr 9-11, is recognized as a showcase for the latest innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and edge computing.

Empowered by Hailo-8 AI accelerator, Thena A1 exemplifies the synergy between NxVi's video AI expertise and Hailo's leading-edge chip technology. This integration has resulted in a product that offers enhanced processing capabilities, efficiently handling the most demanding tasks in video resolution and analytics.

Thena A1 is engineered to manage ultra-high-resolution videos, supporting both single-stream 8K and multi-stream 4K/1080p. Its ability to process up to 30 Full-HD video channels simultaneously makes it an ideal solution for edge computing applications. The device's compact design and extensive I/O interfaces, including 5G and WiFi, ensure easy deployment and adaptability across various industries. With its versatile features, Theia A1 is primed to meet the diverse needs of modern video analytics.

Visit Thena A1 at No. 126 in Hall 1 to discover more! We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss the collaboration with you face to face.


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